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You are here: Home > First Aid & Safety Information > Test Your Knowledge > Summer Hazards Quiz
  1. "Heat Stroke" and "Heat Exhaustion" are synonymous.
    a) True      b) False

  2. In the event of an insect sting or bite, which of the following should you NOT do?
    a) Remove rings, watches and constraining clothing
    b) If present, remove stinger as soon as possible
    c) Wash with clean, running tap water for several minutes
    d) Encourage bleeding of the bite/sting site to evacuate the venom

  3. All snake bites should be treated in the same manner.
    a) True      b) False

  4. Which of the following is the best beverage choice for someone experiencing Heat Exhaustion?
    a) Tap water
    b) Sugar-based juice
    c) Chilled sports drinks
    d) Tea or coffee

  5. What should you do for someone with an object stuck in his/her eye?
    a) Remove object
    b) Allow the victim to rub his/her eye and remove the object within his/her pain threshold
    c) Apply pressure to control bleeding
    d) Gently cover both eyes

  6. Which of the following is a common symptom of Heat Stroke?
    a) Lowered body temperature
    b) Victim's denial of any problem
    c) Confusion and/or hallucinations
    d) Vomiting and evacuation of bowels

  7. Severe allergic reactions can be fatal if not treated with a prescription epinephrine shot.
    a) True      b) False

  8. When treating burns, never pop burn blisters.
    a) True      b) False

  9. Leaving children or pets in parked cars in sunlight is only dangerous if the car is black or a dark color that absorbs the most heat.
    a) True      b) False

  10. Which of the following is helpful for a drowning victim whose lungs are filled with salt water?
    a) Putting the victim in the recovery position and letting his/her gag reflex cough up excess liquid
    b) Cover victim in warm, dry blankets to help prevent hypothermia
    c) Elevate victim's head to prevent choking on tongue or vomit
    d) Perform emergency tracheotomy

(Answers: False, D, False, C, D, C, True, True, False, B)

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