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A Reason to Celebrate

June, 2010
In June, a 72-year old grandmother of the bride went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest during a wedding ceremony. Her granddaughter began CPR and connected her to a Heartsine Samaritan PAD, administering two shocks to her grandmother over the course of 20 minutes. The grandmother regained consciousness after the EMS team loaded her into the ambulance to take her to the hospital, and went on to make a full recovery. The granddaughter of the victim credited saving her grandmother's life with the Samaritan PAD she had purchased from a local distributor several months previously. Without the PAD or a comparable defibrillator on hand, it's likely that her grandmother could have died on her wedding day.


Rescue Breathing Rescues Child

June 17th, 2010
The Omaha Country Club experienced a near-tragedy on Wednesday, when a five-year old boy entered the 4 1/2 feet deep adult swimming pool and lost consciousness. A Country Club member noticed the unresponsive boy and jumped in to retrieve him. Upon pulling him onto solid ground, two other members, Dr. Stanley Schack and firefighter Matt Pape, performed CPR while help was on its way. After only a few rescue breaths, the boy resumed breathing on his own.

The child was taken to the hospital where he made a full recovery thanks to the quick actions of the Club's members.


Lethal Fall

June 16th, 2010
30-year-old Lincoln man Neil Cary was killed on Tuesday by falling to a concrete floor. Authorities say a the man died after falling about ten feet.

Cary, of Benes Heating and Air Conditioning, apparently fell from a warehouse loft and suffered severe head injury on impact. He was pronounced dead when the authorities arrived.


CPR Saves Runner's Life

May 5th, 2010
During an annual Cinco de Mayo five kilometer run, Juan R. Hernandez collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest nearly halfway through the race. Participants witnessed his collapse and flagged down two traffic cops on hand for the race, Richard Uryasz and Adam Rokes, who administered rescue breaths and chest compressions for two minutes before Emergency services arrived with a defibrillator.

Hernandez's survival is credited to Officers Uryasz and Rokes, who kept Hernandez's blood circulating while waiting for help to arrive, preventing irreversible brain damage and saving his life.

The family of Hernandez held a press conference to publicly thank the two officers for their swift rescue.

"Mr. Hernandez was on the ground and it was obviously not good," Rokes said. "He wasn't breathing and he had no pulse." Officer Rokes carries a CPR breathing mask with him, "because you just never know," which he used to administer breaths to Hernandez while Officer Uryasz gave him chest compressions.

In 2009, Officer Rokes was nominated for the 2009 Omaha Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year for assisting arrests in two hit-and-run suspects, but still calls Sunday his best day on the job.

"Today, we made a difference in someone's life, " Rokes said. "It's a great thing." The two Officers were "smiling ear to ear" when they visited Hernandez in the hospital, seeing him awake and aware.

"After they shut the door on the ambulance, we didn't know what happened to him," Uryasz said. "Then we got to the hospital and he was awake and talking. It's hard to describe the feeling that you get."


8 Minutes To Save A Life

September 12th, 2009
Runner Todd DeMatteo fell to the ground in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest during an 18-mile run in Ridgewood, New Jersey on September 12th. Friend and fellow runner Diana O'Keefe, a registered nurse, felt for a pulse but found nothing, and proceeded to perform CPR. Helping her was her husband Jim, for a full eight minutes before help arrived, while a fourth runner, Frank Ciambrone, called for help. Police arrived with an Automated External Defibrillator and successfully revived DeMatteo.

The eight minutes of CPR could have been disastrous for DeMatteo without the aid of CPR, as his brain would have been deprived of circulating oxygen, causing brain damage and probably death.

"Those eight minutes felt like an eternity, but we knew we had to keep at it or he would die," said Diana. "It just goes to show that we should never take a single day for granted."

DeMatteo went on to make a full recovery, and still runs recreationally.

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