Reusable 3-Man Swiveling Roof Anchor
Reusable Swiveling Roof Anchor
Our Price: $1,100.00

Product Code: 2103690

Provides 360° of mobility and protection for up to three workers on sloped wood roofs. Features three independent and rotating anchor points elevevated off the roof deck. For ultimate mobility, use with Ultra-Lok­™ Self Retracting Lifeline. The Lifeline will be less likely to snag, cause a tripping hazard, or get tangled as the worker moves hands-free about the roof top. In the event of a fall, the Lifeline will lock quickly reducing overall fall clearances and forces for added safety. With different length Lifelines available, a multiple user rated anchor and 360° of mobility, this system is simply the ultimate in roofing safety and productivity!

The 3-Man Swiveling Roof Anchor can be set up in just minutes. The unit is expanded from its storage/collapsed position, then the legs and anchorage mast are pinned into place. Finally, the roof anchor is fastened down through the wood sheathing and into the trusses using sixteen 3-1/2'' #8 deck screws (4 screws per foot). The anchor's integrated articulating feet allow it to be mounted to a range of pitched wood roof structures from 4-12 to 12-12. Removal of the anchor is just as quick, and its compact storage design makes transport and relocation easy.

This device is intended for use when installing a new roof or in re-roof application. When you are done with the project, the unit may be removed and used on the next job.

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