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You are here: Home > First Aid & Safety Information > Test Your Knowledge > OSHA Inspection Quiz
  1. OSHA compliance inspectors are blood-thirsty, cold-hearted hellspawn.
    a) True      b) False

  2. One third of all inspections are due to what?
    a) Routine inspections of hazardous job sites such as meatpacking plants
    b) Following major accidents
    c) Employee complaints of hazardous working conditions
    d) Following up on plants cited for safety regulation violations

  3. What is the maximum financial penalty for a willful violation of safety laws?
    a) $5,000
    b) $7,000
    c) $25,000
    d) $70,000

  4. Which of the following is a possible penalty for resisting, opposing, intimidating or interfering with a compliance officer?
    a) Up to three years in prison
    b) A fine of up to $5,000
    c) Both A & B
    d) None of the above

  5. Which of the following are compliance officers NOT allowed to do?
    a) Enter areas of a facility that contain trade secret information
    b) Show up unannounced
    c) Collect a penalty fee during his or her visit at the facility
    d) Bring his or her own equipment to test air, water, or soil samples

  6. Which of the following scenarios would most likely warrant an OSHA inspection?
    a) A workplace with imminently dangerous conditions
    b) A workplace shortly after more than five employee deaths
    c) Revisiting a plant to check that they've rectified whatever safety problems they were previously cited for
    d) A recently terminated employee files a complaint about the violations at his or her former place of employment

  7. As an employer of a facility, you can deny a compliance officer entry if he or she doesn't have a search warrant for the premises.
    a) True      b) False

  8. Failure to correct violations beyond a designated abatement date are then penalized up to $7,000 DAILY.
    a) True      b) False

  9. Due to the thoroughness of each inspection, OSHA conducts only several hundred per year.
    a) True      b) False

  10. Which of the following is NOT taken into consideration when reducing violation penalty fees?
    a) Number of employees in the company
    b) "Good faith" shown by the employer to maintain a safe work environment
    c) A clean record of no serious OSHA violations
    d) Not accompanying the inspector around the facility

(Answers: False, C, D, C, C, A, True, True, False, D)

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