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You are here: Home > First Aid & Safety Information > Kit Maintenance
It is not enough just to purchase a first aid kit, eye wash station or defibrillator. Proper upkeep of first aid and safety supplies is imperative to stay safe. Overtime, medications, ointments, cleansers, even defibrillation pads expire and lose their potency. Other supplies can age to worthlessness; even a simple adhesive strip can become yellow and stale, losing its flexibility, sterility and adhesion. Be sure that your supplies are clean, readily available and viable for use in case of emergencies. Our first aid representatives will do their best to keep your supplies up to date, but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure your company complies with OSHA Regulations.

Here are some tips to maintain your first aid kits and emergency supplies

  • Establish a schedule with your first aid representative who can check, replace and clean your supplies on a regular basis (every month, every six months, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on inspection tags on Eye Wash stations or chemical burn showers
  • Whenever you grab a perishable item from a kit, check its expiration date before using it
  • If a Band-Aidís wrapper is no longer sealed allowing the adhesive strip to just "fall out," discard and get new ones
  • Don't keep first aid and safety supplies hidden away; keep them out in the open where they are more likely to be seen
  • If you have a PDA or digital calendar, input a reminder to yourself to check in on your supplies at regular intervals
  • Don't store first aid kits on the floor, if possible; mount them on a wall or countertop where dirt, moisture and pests are less frequent

Lack of Upkeep of First Aid Kit
If your First Aid Kit looks like this, call us today!! (402-553-8816)

Paper Wasp Nest

Some other examples of safety procedures gone wrong:

One at a time!
One at a time!

Bad Safety Mask
Not exactly a faceshield.

Scaffolding on chairs
Do NOT climb.

Flammable Welder's Mask
When welding, never use a welder's mask that can catch fire.

Luggage disaster
Toppling tower of luggage.

Painting with your friends
At least wear a helmet if you're being dangled by your ankles like that.

Trust your coworkers!

Fall Protection
Adequate fall protection equipment is a must. This is not adequate.

Not-so-hard hard hat
World's worst hard hat.

Informal Hazmat wear
The new polo-shirt-and-docker-shorts line of hazmat protective gear!

Is that a bomb?
There's nothing about this that I like.

I hope he lived
This one's only funny if the guy didn't die from it, but it looks like those supports are about to give any second...

Electricity and water
Unknown to this electrician, scientists have recently discovered that power tools and water are a painful combination.

Forklifts abound
A forklift. Carrying a forklift. Carrying heavy equipment: Not covered in the safety manual.

Bulldozer ladder
Using a bulldozer to lift a ladder to a telephone pole may be thinking outside the box, but that doesn't make it good.

Fixing a plane mid-air
If you're going to fix your plane, land it first, if at all possible.

Ladder improvisation
I don't even know what this is, other than dangerous.

Outta the way!
Let's hope the shooter is an expert marksman and that he doesn't have a grudge against this guy.

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