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Safety is the most important reason to install a photo luminescent directional system for evacuation during sudden blackout or smoke-laden conditions. The reliable Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System is a complete system of non-electric, photo luminescent safety components essential for a comprehensive low-level emergency evacuation route.

The Glo Brite® components are non-electric, non-toxic and non-radioactive. Using the latest photo luminescent technology, the Glo Brite® pigment absorbs and stores normal ambient light in the event of a sudden power outage. The stored energy is immediately visible, enabling the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System to provide a safe illuminated path through dark stairwells, hallways and other rooms.

The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System is easy and inexpensive to install, and because there are no electrical components or bulbs to replace, the system is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only periodic inspections for 25+ years.

It's the Law...

There are many laws and regulations regarding glow signs, labels and markings, which dictate the placement of such signs, the length of time which they must stay illuminated, and their brightness. One such regulation is listed within the NFPA 101 Life Code: Photoluminescent Signs
"The face of a photoluminescent sign shall be continually illuminated while the building is occupied. The illumination levels on the face of the photoluminescent sign shall be in accordance with its listing. The charging illumination shall be a reliable light source, as determined by the authority having jurisdiction. The charging light source shall be a type specified in the product markings."

NYC Local Law #26: All Class E high-rise office buildings in New York City are required to install NYC Department of Buildings, Materials & Equipment Acceptance Division (MEA) approved photoluminescent EXIT and directional path markings.

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