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You are here: Home > First Aid & Safety Information > Test Your Knowledge > Food Safety Quiz
  1. Why is it not recommended to heat or reheat a baby's bottle in a microwave oven?
    a) The formula may spoil while it is being warmed
    b) The uneven heating of microwaves may create "hot spots" that can scald the baby's mouth
    c) While warm milk is a sleeping aid for adults, it makes babies hyperactive, causing them eye strain and akithesia
    d) Often, formulas made from a powder can lose their moisture upon reheating and become chalky / powder once again, sometimes clumping into dangerous powder balls.

  2. Which of the following symbols indicates that a food has been exposed to radiation to kill pathogens, but is nonetheless safe to eat?

  3. Some of our products contain sugar and/or salt, which should be avoided when on sugar or salt restrictive diets.
    a) True      b) False

  4. Which of the following has been shown to be the most effective remedy for the tingling, burning sensation of the mouth, tongue and lips caused by exceedingly spicy food?
    a) Full Fat Milk
    b) Beer
    c) Toothpaste
    d) Water

  5. Which of the following has been shown by the FDA to cause cancer in animals?
    a) Aspartame
    b) Sugar Alcohols
    c) Saccharin
    d) Sucralose

  6. Which of the following dangers cannot be neutralized by complete and proper cooking of the meat, eggs, etc. that contain it?
    a) Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (Mad Cow Disease)
    b) E. Coli
    c) Salmonella
    d) Hepatitis A

  7. Which of the following would be the most resistant to growing mold or bacteria?
    a) Raw Hotdog ''Juice''
    b) Swiss Cheese
    c) Fresh, Home-Baked Bread
    d) Oranges

  8. Improperly heating home-canned foods can lead to them:
    a) Exploding
    b) Losing Flavor and Color
    c) Building Up Yeast And Bacteria
    d) Both A and C

  9. Eating Swordfish is not recommended by the FDA because it contains so much mercury.
    a) True      b) False

  10. Which of the following would make the safest cutting board surface?
    a) Softer Woods
    b) Absorbent Plastic
    c) Smooth Maple Wood
    d) Very Thin Glass

(Answers: B, C, True, A, C, A, B, D, True, C)

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