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Now more than ever it's important to be prepared for any emergency!
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ActiSplint™ Ammonia Inhalants (10/Box)
Our Price: $9.95
These moldable padded splints are utilized by EMS, military, and special
operations groups around the globe. Able to immobilize almost any bone
in the body, both comfortably and securely. It is lightweight (only 6.3
oz (180 grams)), can be easily folded or rolled for storage and is
waterproof. Is not affected by extremes in temperature or altitude. Can
be cut with scissors if necessary. Not for use in X-rays.
Respiratory Stimulant to prevent or treat fainting.
Backboard Backboard Strap
Our Price: $189.95
Backboard Strap
Our Price: $34.95
Rugged one piece lightweight 16'' x 72'' polyethylene spineboard with twelve large hand holes for easy handling.   Shown with optional nylon patient restraining straps (sold separately).  Large hand cut-outs to help ease lifting.  Built in runners, low profile, and X-ray translucent.   Can be used autonomously or in conjunction with metal Basket Stretcher for added form and rigidity.  Can support up to 400 lbs (181 kg). Nine foot nylon patient restraining strap with push button buckle.  Sold separately from Backboards.
Basket Stretcher Basket Stretcher Bridle Sling
Basket Stretcher
Our Price: $384.95
Optional nylon chest straps and adjustable footrest make vertical lifting out of construction area or rough terrain easy.  Recommended for use with wooden backboard and nylon bridle sling, both sold separately.  Bridle Sling sold seperately. Bridle Sling for Basket Stretcher provides horizontal or vertical lifting capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. Made of 1" nylon webbing resistant to moisture and fungus rot with forged snap hooks and 3" ID forged steel suspension ring.  Basket Stretcher sold seperately.
Blood Stopper Compress Dressing Bradley® Faucet Mount Eyewash Station
Non-adherent sterile pad with attached roller gauze for quick application. Faucet Mount Eyewash Units mounts easily to standard or gooseneck faucets. This model includes a one-step diverter and allows water to be pressurized in the eyewash at all times.

Faucet can be operated normally when eyewash is not in use.

Bradley® Retrofit Dust Cover Bradley® SpinTec™ Eye/Face Wash Station And Shower
The plastic Retrofit Dust Cover offers the solution to keeping existing Bradley plastic eyewash or combination bowls clean. Halo and Spintec provide the most consistent distribution of water and the most effective removal of contaminants. Halo features: universal activation, self draining spray head, and separate supply and waste. Free Standing Floor Mounting. Stainless Steel Bowl. Galvanized Steel Pipe with BradTect Safety Yellow Coating. Hand Activated.
Bradley® Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station w/ Steel Bowl Combine ABD 5''x 9'' Pad
This Bradley® wall-mounted Eyewash with Stainless Steel Bowl has barrier-free design which saves space and fits easily into any work environment. Thick, absorbent pad with non-woven cover for emergency use.
CPR/Gloves Belt Pouch Disposable Silver Rescue Blanket
CPR/Gloves Belt Pouch
Our Price: $35.45
Compact heavy-duty leather belt-mountable pouch with convenient Velcro® fastener to hold emergency gloves and CPR mask.  Ideal for EMTs and Law Enforcement. Lightweight, lifesaving warmth that fits in your pocket.
Emergency Medical Gloves (2 Pairs) EMT Utility Scissors
EMT Utility Scissors
Our Price: $7.95
Formed from sturdy, blue nitrile.  Air tested for leaks.  Two quick pairs for emergency use when coming in contact with bodily fluids. Seven inches of quality stainless steel, master-crafted and finished for durable performance.  Easily cuts through clothing.
Eye Pads (4/Box) Fendall Flash Flood® Eyewash Station
Eye Pads (4/Box)
Our Price: $3.95
Sterile, oval-shaped bandages designed for eye injuries. Dual nozzles provide simultaneous flushing to both eyes for three minutes per cartridge.  Intended to support, not replace, primary eyewash units.  One gallon sealed cartridges are easy to store and offer quick changes without mixing or measuring.  Once installed, saline concentrate requires 6-month maintenance cycles; unopened cartridges have a 24-month shelf life (determined by date of manufacturing).  Nozzle strap is easily removed for hands-free flushing.  Does not meet ANSI Z358.1-2004 15-minute flushing requirement.  Includes one saline cartridge.
Fire Extinguisher First Aid Lounge
Fire Extinguisher
Our Price: $69.95
First Aid Lounge
Our Price: $749.95
Essential A-B-C Chemical Fire Extinguisher for three types of fires occurring in the home or businesses.

Available in two sizes.

An attractive and practical addition to any first aid room, dispensary, medical facility or lounge area.  A rich vinyl cover over a soft 2" polyurethane foam pad.  Easily cleaned.  Abrasion and stain resistant.  Durable, yet lightweight - only 75 lbs! Chrome-plated steel legs are triple-bolted to frame with heavy-duty hardware.  Comes with a wedge-shaped pillow.
Haws 9 Gallon Eye Wash Mini-Station HeartSine™ samaritan® PAD
HeartSine™ samaritan® PAD
Our Price: $1,295.95
This lightweight, portable eyewash provides first aid relief virtually anywhere.  With a 9 gallon capacity, its small size makes it convenient to transport from site to site.  Eyewash is activated by pulling down a lever, which protects outlet nozzles when not in use.  Designed with wide fill cap for easy filling, cleaning and inspecting.  Provides a full 15 minutes of flushing time with 0.4 gpm and meets ANSI Standard Z358.1-2004, making this model the most portable of the ANSI compliant eyewash stations.  Comes with one 8 oz. bottle of antimicrobial additive to permit the storage of water up to six months.  Hangs on a bracket that easily bolts to a wall. The SAMARITAN® PAD (Public Access Defibrillator) is an easy-to-use medical device especially designed for public access use, to administer lifesaving treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest, all without complex displays or controls.
Inflatable Air Splints Kit Insulated Rescue Hook
Inflatable Air Splints Kit
Our Price: $139.95
Insulated Rescue Hook
Our Price: $359.95
This kit contains six inflatable splints: half-arm, fullarm, half-leg, full-leg, foot and ankle, and hand and wrist. Simply unzip air splint, put in place, zip it back up and inflate. Salisbury’s Insulated Rescue Hook is an invaluable tool for any workplace. It’s used to withdraw an injured worker out of a hazardous area. Confined spaces, in vaults, or just near electrical cabinets and switch gear are some of the places where this tool is a must. Featuring a foam filled, fiberglass reinforced handle for superior electrical insulation and a coated heat treated body hook with an 18'' opening.

Available in two sizes.

Maine Folding Cot Lynx Tripod Confined Space Entry Kit
Maine Folding Cot
Our Price: $159.95
This military style cot, made from sturdy, kiln-dried hardwood, provides comfort and durability.  Includes a matching silk-screened storage sack. As an anchorage connector, this portable tripod kit is used for confined space applications with fast, easy set-up.  Tripod is constructed of three anodized aluminum legs and a zinc-plated carbon steel head.   This kit includes one 8-foot Workman® Tripod, one 50-foot Lynx Hoist, one 50-foot Lynx Rescuer, and all necessary brackets, pulleys, and carabiners.
Non-Stick 2'' x 3'' Sterile Pads (10/Box) Pole Stretcher
Pole Stretcher
Our Price: $199.95
A non-adherent sterile pad with a plastic porous membrane that allows fluids to pass through and become absorbed.  Great for abrasions and burned areas. Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum pole stretchers with shaped hardwood handles. Vinyl coated nylon carrying surface for easy cleaning and strong support. Folds lengthwise and crosswise to fit in minimum storage space.
Pole Stretcher with Legs Pole Stretcher with Legs
Pole Stretcher with Legs
Our Price: $249.95
Vinyl carrying case for collapsible pole stretcher.  Also has wall grommets for mounting on walls for easy access.  Stretcher not included. Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum pole stretchers with shaped hardwood handles. Vinyl coated nylon carrying surface for easy cleaning and strong support. Folds lengthwise and crosswise to fit in minimum storage space.  Collapsible with steel legs for easy lifting.
Professional Piezo Dynamic 50 Watt Megaphone QR WoundSeal® Blood Clotter (2/Package)
They'll hear you at the far ends of the field when you use this megaphone. Easy to hold, easy to carry, you’ll be heard up to one mile! The microphone is built into the rear end of the unit and is activated by a trigger on an ergonomic pistol grip. Nontoxic, antimicrobial powder mixture of hydrophilic polymer and potassium salt to stop bleeding in just one minute.
Red Z™ Biohazard Solidifier Shaker Rescue Blanket With Case
Rescue Blanket With Case
Our Price: $59.95
Red Z™ solidifiers provide state-of-the-art response for spill control and clean-up of potentially biohazardous fluids.

Each ounce of Red Z™ treats one liter of fluid.

Available in two sizes

Durable wool blanket for shock, fire, convulsions, fever, etc.  Flame retardant in accordance with The Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53 Keeps victim comfortable and protected.  Rugged vinyl case keeps blanket clean and free from dust, dirt and contamination.  Designed for quick blanket deployment.  Easily wall mountable for greater visibility.
ReviveR™ Automated External Defibrillator Snaplight® (10/Box)
Snaplight® (10/Box)
Our Price: $14.95
Combine this affordable, high tech marvel with the proper AED training and you have a program that can truly save lives. Be prepared for any situation! These 6 inch lightsticks provide safe, reliable light for 12 hours.

Available in two different luminescent colors.

Speakman® Countertop Eyewash Drench Hose Speakman® Eyewash Drench Hose
Countertop-mounted combination eyewash/drench hose features stay open valve, twin aerated sprays with automatic flow control, 6 foot hose and flip top dust covers. Wall-mounted drench hose features self-closing valve, aerated spray outlet, 6 foot hose and flip top dust covers.
Sterile 10'' x 30'' Trauma Dressing Sterile Burn Sheet
Sterile Burn Sheet
Our Price: $19.95
Economical combination pad with non-woven cover for emergency use. This sterile, burn sheet is made of non-woven laminated tissue fiber that provides a sterile environment to protect the patient from infection. Sheet construction resists tearing and is comfortable to patient contours, wraps completely around the victim for protection against contamination and additional trauma.
Tourniquet Tourniquet
Tactical Tourniquet
Our Price: $14.95
Our Price: $8.95
In extreme bleeding emergencies, this 1" x 27" white nylon tourniquet can be used to stop blood loss from an open wound. In extreme bleeding emergencies, this 1" x 27" white nylon tourniquet can be used to stop blood loss from an open wound.
Triangular Bandage Yellow Econo-Blanket
Triangular Bandage
Our Price: $3.65
Yellow Econo-Blanket
Our Price: $19.95
Multi-purpose tri-angular cloth for support and bandaging in a variety of uses and applications. Comes with two safety pins to secure bandage position. Non-sterile; Do not place on open wounds.

Bandage Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 54"

Made of heavy-duty poly with a cellulose matting insulation.
ZOLL® AED Plus® Automated External Defibrillator
This Defibrillator / CPR Instructor provides everything needed to give a victim his/her best chance for survival possible, and is one of the few Automatic External Defibrillators to run on normal ''D'' Batteries.

Available with or without an ECG.


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