DANGER - Confined Space Checklist
DANGER Sign - Confined Space Checklist
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A 10'' x 7'' 4 mil Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl "DANGER" sign warning of confined space; Entry by permit only. Entry by trained personnel only. Entering this confined space is NOT a routine operation.
  1. Permission
    • Get a written permit from your certified supervisor
  2. Preparation
    • Lock out power feeds
    • Shut off heating system if needed
    • Drain if needed
    • Vent vapors if needed
    • Post ''WORKER IN CONFINED SPACE'' signs
  3. Isolation
    • Disconnect fill and drain lines if needed
  4. Ventilation
    • Force air to bottom of Confined Space and vent to outside
  5. Check air inside Confined Space
    • At least 19.5% Oxygen
    • No more than 23.5% Oxygen
    • Check for explosive limit 0% LEL
    • Check toxic vapors if needed
  6. Protect yourself
    • Wear gloves and other safety clothing
    • Put on harness and lifeline
    • Continuously monitor the air
  7. Rescue backup
    • Observer with auxiliary air supply standing by before you enter and until you exit, SAFELY
  8. In case of emergency call________

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